Here are a few useful resources for you; all you need to do is Click and Download them. Enjoy!



002-Personal Development Plan

003-Human Needs

004-Character Traits List

005-List of Daily Questions

006-Coaching Contract Sample

007-Creative Thinking Questionnaire

008-Coaching Tool – Weather

009-51 Questions for Every Entrepreneur

010-Coach Reflection

011-i_feel cards for online coaching 

012-iEngage Cards – For Online Coaching

013-iLearn Cards – For wrap up activity 

014-iReflect on my awesome month

015-iReflect Coaching Journal Lines

016-iReflect Goal Planner (by week)

017-iReflect Coaching Journal (Arabic-Mandala)

018-iReflect Daily Journal

019-iReflect Gratitude Journal

020-iReflect Daily Planner

021-iReflect Daily Journal – Feeling Home