Perfect Audience

Why Sameera is perfect for your group?

For over 18 years of her career, her work & plans have helped professionals, leaders,teams, and organizations improve their human capital development, marketing communications, enhance market positioning strategies, acquire solid process in customer retention and improve their sales process.

Where to use Sameera?

  • Conferences
  • Training Workshops
  • Consultation Projects
  • Keynote Speeches

If you have:

  • Managers who need to improve team productivity and output but can’t motivate their team.
  • Employees with low morale
  • Sales professionals who needs to achieve more closed deals
  • Administrative professionals trying to keep the boss and every else organized.
  • Marketing specialists who need to understand the bigger picture
  • Organizations with lost communications
  • Teams with no common direction
  • Individuals who need to build a (Personal Brand Image)
  • Students & youth empowerment workshops
  • Women Empowerment Workshops

Sameera can tailor-make a specific topic workshop to deliver your objectives.