1. Sameera focuses on providing Coaching & Consultation services to improve business performance and outcomes.
  2. Sameera is a board member in BSTD (Bahrain Society for Training & Development) and her role is the director of Professional Development and Youth Leadership Programs, she is also the president of International Coach Federation – Bahrain Chapter.
  3. Sameera is an example for an ambitious Bahraini entrepreneur who started at very young age to establish her own success based on continuous growth in her career via dedicated efforts in self-development and improvement.
  4. Sameera has managed development programs nationally which targeted over 7000 Individuals to develop their skills and build their careers.

2 thoughts

  1. I have the honor to read your resume. It was concise but confirmed my expectations in you. You are an ambitious girl, an initiative, and a donor. A model for an efficient Bahraini woman. Deserve success and appreciation.

  2. You are an ideal model to the successful Bahraini woman… you are inspiring me a lot… Wish you all the best

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