I have to start by saying that this post might not be applicable for personal and private accounts (hey what you do in your personal life is up to you , who are we to judge?!?!).

Everyday, I receive tens for friends and following requests on different social media platform and my judgment to click accept primarily comes from the DP (display image) of that person, so here are ten advices from a humble SMC user to improve your connectivity and image as a professional:

1- Pets or Animals : That includes dogs , cats, birds, snails, rabbits, lions or what ever reptile you are in love with, No thank you I don’t want to know you Mr. tiger.

2- Cars: Whether its your own car or your dream car, I want to stay away from your Corvette engine sir.

3- Celebrities : Yeah, seriously , I just thought that JLo is interested to be my freind on Facebook! Like we don’t know her official account! 

4- Cartoons: Only if you decide to leave 2D world behind and come to the 3D reality, people might consider taking you seriously.

5- Famous Quotes Wallpaper : We understand you have a message , maybe we need to know the real you.

6- Group Pics: Ok so I have to figure out which one of the 12 people is you! 

7- Goofy Pics: Maybe your party life pics must stay in your private album, for rest of the world , we need to see the Sober and Formal You!

8- Plants, Flowers and Food: Why in the earth we need to know a flower or a cupcake?

9- Babies: Look , please don’t take me wrong, I adore babies, but I’m kind of freaked out that how could a toddler use Twitter!! Oh!! its not your own baby!? That’s even worse!! 

10- The No Pic Person ! No need to say anything here, Mr Egg, maybe I’ll pass this time! 

The above are few examples or horrific mistakes people do while selecting their DP’s , specially when using professional networks such as Linkedin!