Although the title said linkedin but the post will apply on most of other popular social media platforms as well such as facebook and Instagram.

Throughout my humble experience with different social media channels one of the most annoying incidents we women face is receiving personal or direct messages which indicates a flirting approach, the weirdest of all is receiving such messages on linkedin! This encouraged me to offer few tips and advice for users who might not be aware of the objective of being at such channels.

1- Looking for dating opportunities in linkedin is like asking for steak in a vegetarian restaurant ! Out of all channels, linkedin is strictly designed for professional networking and job placement opportunities, do not send any personal messages such as (hi , are you single!?) there are many dating sites dedicated specially for this purpose, dont make a total fool of your self !

2- Don’t be a facebook or instegram stalker!

If the person didn’t reply to your first message , try to get the hint! 

3- If someone liked your page, post, status update, etc , that does not mean that she is willing to go out with you next day (this is proved by studies conducted by Institute of being logical and think wise at reality world!)
4- Please do not send a personal note or email on the published contact data either (which is there for gaining business collaboration opportunities).

5- “hi pretty face”, “you are gorgeous” , “can we be friends” , etc, are techniques used during ice age and right after that it was stopped! I guess because mankind realized that they need to protect their species from extinction! These cheesy lines does not reflect the right image, unless , otherwise said in lala land! 

A final word, be very careful when you use your social networks, and try your best to make fruitful relationships with your virtual contact (friends) you never know when and for what reason you will paths will cross in future.