Tip One: Ask yourself, is it really important?

If you hesitated answering this , you probably want to think again whether to count this task as one of your to do things or not.

Only include tasks that fit the (PAID) criteria

1- Will you be Punished by any mean for not doing it ?

2- Do you have the Ability to do it?

3- Does it has noticeable Impact in short run? 

4- Will it make any Difference to you, your work or your surroundings in long run?

If it fits any of the above criteria, then you probably must do it.

Tip Two: Write it in TTT format

We know that goals must fit the SMART format in order to be doable, and your tasks must be in TTT format for it to be doable as well.

Your task must be writted in the following format:

1- What do you need to do? Task

2- When do you need to do it? Time

3- How will you do it? Tool

Tips Three: Reward yourself 

Once you complete the task don’t forget to Reward your self.

A simple 20 minutes time off to play your favourite game could be enough and you can go creative with this, think of a day at the Spa or a fixed amount shopping treat can be a great motivation to keep you on track.

These three simple tips helped me to stay focused while designing my things to do list and I hope it works for you as well.

Share with us some of your top tips as well.