As I was preparing a post for one of our new job openings, I went a little crazy, once I finished, I read it loud to myself, laughed and took it as a joke at that time, the post was as below:

” You “might” be the one ..

Mubadara is looking for a social media specialist (full time or part time ).

Applicants must exhibit exceptional skills in utilizing social media channels , good in both English and Arabic communication skills, journalism and marketing background is a plus, the new (Mubader) will be in charge of :

1) developing social media channels strategies for Mubadara’s clients.

2) maintaining and executing social media communication plans for Mubadara’s clients .

3) developing and improving the mechanism in utilizing different social media channels.

4) putting his or her best efforts to be updated with all relevant SMC utilization techniques.

5) attending all our clients events an meetings to cover their PR news in their Social media channels.

We hire for talents, attitude and winner mindsets, and the quality if your character is one of our main selection criteria.

Only ambitious, positive, committed, outgoing and creative “creatures” are welcome.

This Job is available only for Bahrainis and full timers will be officially registered under GOSI.

Sun-Thu (any 8 hours for full timers, And any 4 hours for part timers, from 9am-9pm) and our salary packages varies between BD 200-300 for part timers and 400-600 for full timers.

Applicants must have a valid driving license and their own car.

all CVs must include the applicants social media channel addresses and the links to other client or projects accounts they manage (if available).

Individuals who are strictly advised not to send their CVs are;

1- individuals with fake Display images at any if their official Social media account , specially the ones with body parts such as eyes and fingers , those with sandals will be immediately reported to the official bodies.

2- individuals who use other than ( format as their formal emails in their CVs, cupcake@live.come and will need sometime to get this rule, we understand.

3-individuals who take sick leaves for natural human being body conditions and processes, headache and insomnia are included.

4- individuals who are not willing to double their salaries in their first year at Mubadara.

5- individuals who are not comfortable attending social or professional work gatherings and events with crowds than consist of more than one gender, people who avoid handshakes are restricted to stay 10 Meters away from our offices.

Interested applicants are requested to send their CVs to :


Caution : Be aware , our Chief is very peaceful looking person, yet looks are deceiving, only selected candidates will be contacted and interviewed by her, so if we don’t call you , don’t take it personal. ”

Of course I altered and saved the new draft and it will be out by next week in the formal “boring” and regular way, however, if you think about it, the above “is” what I really want!

What if all Organizations become transparent and announced what they really want “of course a little less sarcastic” but the ad really says what the position really require so the recruitment officers wont go around 100s of CVs which more than half of them are not nearly suitable for the post announced !

Don’t you think this will also increase the awareness of:

1- job seekers to look at their CVs a little more seriously and take the hassle of having proper emails or at least applying to a suitable post which matches their field of specialization , one time I have received a fresh graduate’s CV for the regional manager job , out of my natural habit of curiosity I asked (why did you apply for this job) the answer was mind blowing (cause I’ve graduated from management college!)

Now don’t take me wrong , ambitious people are always welcome and they make life worth living, but dude, give me a break!

Or maybe :

2- the universities and institutes try to focus on (developing professional CVs ) so called session more seriously !!

And more sadly:

3-maybe the job posts (if published) give a fair and transparent requirements and application process instead of posting for jobs which are already taken and
the ad is just for (formalities) , this is sad, but true.

I’ve seen so many job seekers loosing their chance to get their first interview due to a poorly designed CV , failure to get this one right is an unforgivable mistake.

Maybe it’s time to focus on (Employability skills) for both potential employers and employees.

Here are few ideas to post for a specific job:

1- mention the number of available posts available for each job opening

2- provide deadlines for submission

3- be clear and specific on selection criteria (if non nationals are not targeted , mention it, don’t give people fake hope, respect them)

4-mention if only selected candidates will be contacted

5- if the post is already taken, please don’t publish the job opening.

6- if internal recruitment will be followed , mention it.

As for preparing professional CV and applying process consider “just consider” the following tips:

1- be honest, with your self first , do I really fit this post?

2- customize the cv to match the job applied , don’t fantasize , just focus on relevant areas.

3- use proper formal emails

4- your social media channels accounts are your unofficial profile , manage them well.

5- use one easy to read font style and size

6- 3-4 pages are enough

7- don’t copy paste others cvs , you are unique so should your cv be.

8- I advise you to be ambitious and smart risk taker, be multiple skill person, be willing to take new challenges and please be realistic and humble.

We will offer a free consultation for first time job seekers to review and provide advice on professional CV perpetration and applying for the first job process for the first (five) CVs emailed to us on (

All the best

Note: the above Mubadara’s job vacancy is real so if you or anyone you know suits our requirement are welcome to apply.


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