We are programmed to run throughout the day in a such hurrying way that we forget to pause and think “who are we today ?”

Are we happy?
Are we thankful?
Are we blessed ?
Are we grateful?

One if the major stress factors is when someone doesn’t feel that he or she lived the day in the way they wanted to do, even if we wake up saying that we will be happy today, things most probably will come along to mess up our plans , being safe will become a challenge let alone being happy concept!!!

Then few days later we keep on making the same wish in the mornings , and things go in the wrong direction, after trying this technique for several hundreds of times, I gave up on being happy all day idea!

Now I follow a better plan, first I wrote down a list of all personality attributes and characteristics which I admire in many people ( such as kindness of my mom) ( intelligence of Steve jobs) etc, I’ve added this list to my annual goal planner in the beginning of my journal, and everyday I wake up and plan for a certain charterer ! Like (I’m cheerful today) , I write that statement in my mirror in mornings, and my screen saver , so all day I remember that (today I am cheerful), sometime I mix and match , it’s exciting (I’m well organized and focused or my favorite, I’m elegant and intelligent today ).

By this simple technique I’m not obligated to one goal (being happy) I can be anything I want and try a new character everyday, try it!

Today (I’m relaxed !)


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