“The customer is always right” is one of the oldest clichés used in CS context and classes , but what does it really means ??

When a customer is complaining about a defected service delivered by one of your team (the out put was wrong but the staff didn’t do anything wrong or bad in terms of CS and behavior) the responsible team leader must accept the responsibility and apologize and think and offer solutions immediately, and then provide advise and guidance in a professional, respective , polite and assertive manner, further guidance and investigation can be done later in the back office, the issue must never be discussed in front of the customers and his colleagues, this will only harm the relation and the situation , your team member won’t appreciate it, his colleagues won’t appreciate it, and your customer will definitely hate it cause now he is facing a polite service provider who just happened to be unlucky to deliver the output expected.

I’ve encountered such dramatic scene recently when a manger humiliated his staff because of a customer complaint right in front of everybody in the shop? Which made us all fell awkward and uncomfortable.

To repeat loudly (The customer is always right ) is not always right !

Your staff are your first line customers , respect them , guide them and develop them , and for your own sake get some professional help in developing communication skills and business etiquette training to avoid having a nervous breakdown every time anything goes wrong , only by doing things in a wrong way you and your team will learn, remember this.

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